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Planting Trees

State Forester invites Oregonians to celebrate Arbor Month during all of April

In addition to joining tree plantings, Oregon's new State Forester Calvin Mukumoto suggests people find other fun, tree-related activities to enjoy during April. “Whether by yourself or with family and friends, read a book about trees. My favorite is one I use to identify Pacific Northwest trees. You can visit a park or arboretum and observe closely the leaves, flowers and bark, the aromas and textures. Just being around trees and slowing down to appreciate them can be good for you,” he said.

“It can also be fun to take a camera or sketchpad when viewing trees and photograph or draw what you see. Or write a poem about a special tree or grove of trees. If you do any of those things, please drop me a note or photo at our ODF Instagram or Facebook page,” said Mukumoto. “I’d love to see what Oregonians do to celebrate trees this month.”

Enjoying Nature
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Start a Project for Next Year

Click here to learn more from Oregon Department of Forestry:  Forest Facts: Oregon Arbor Month


The first Arbor Day in the world took place in the small Spanish community of Villanueva de la Sierra in 1805. The first American Arbor Day happened in Nebraska in 1872, promoted by newspaperman J. Sterling Morton. On April 10 that year, an estimated one million trees were planted in Nebraska.


To fit in all tree‐related events statewide, each year since 2020 Oregonʹs Governor has proclaimed the entire month of April as Oregon Arbor Month.


There are ideas in this article to initiate activities for Washington County, so start up community planning now for next year!! The state suggests you call and ask if the County plans activities for Arbor Month. If not, call and encourage them to hold events and volunteer to help as needed.


Oregon Arbor Month 

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