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Volunteer with us

Treekeepers of Washington County is an all-volunteer organization. We rely on each other and volunteers like you to work together to protect trees. There’s a role for everyone to make our communities greener and healthier for all. Our volunteer roles are safe, fun, and fulfilling for different interests, abilities, schedules, and ages.

Please see available volunteer roles below, and sign up for the one(s) that interests you. Or contact us with your own ideas of what needs to be done. We can’t wait to work with you!  

Outreach & Engagement

Like to talk to people? Plan an outreach event or lead a neighborhood tree inventory event.

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Help us edit our newsletters, projects, and articles.

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Data Analysis & Mapping

Interested in data analysis? Mapping tree loss, developments, or tree canopy changes in Washington County might be your thing!

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Help us manage our website and social media to interact with people!

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Hands on Deck

Speak For the Trees!

Fired up about the lack of tree protection? Track current developments attend and report on relevant meetings, or testify to decision makers.

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Hands On Tasks

Get outdoors and join us with our tree inventory effort, collect heat data, or observe fish presence!

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