Neighborhood Tree Stewards

Do you like trees? Are you interested in our urban natural resources? Would you like to make your neighborhood greener?  Become a Neighborhood Tree Steward! 


Neighborhood Tree Stewards (NTS) become valued resources for their communities. They advocate for trees by increasing public awareness of the value of trees. They organize events such as tree inventories, planting events, tree giveaways, pop-up arboreta, and ivy pulls. They involve their neighbors as volunteers in caring for trees.

People within your community might enjoy the shade your neighborhood trees provide, but they might not be knowledgeable about things like tree care. Some NTS projects have focused their efforts to solve a specific problem, such as holding fundraisers to inoculate neighborhood trees from Dutch Elm Disease (link) so that they wouldn’t have to be removed. 

As a Neighborhood Tree Steward you will reach out to a lot of people around you.  You may get to know others besides your immediate neighbors: school and other community groups, the local government, and professional arborists. 

Although this is currently just a program we aspire to, we consider this a core piece of what we want to accomplish: empowering neighborhoods to advocate and care for their own trees and needs. Contact us to see how we might support your neighborhood in a NTS effort so we can accomplish this together.   

It takes a village to properly care for a community, and trees need your help. Become a Neighborhood Tree Steward and share your passion for trees.