Tree Inventories

What is a tree inventory?

A tree inventory is a systematic study and data collection of the location and condition of trees owned by a community.


Why does Washington County need a tree inventory?

We can’t protect it if we don’t know what’s there. An inventory of trees is an important tool for planning and making decisions about our community trees.


Our county’s trees are largely without protections. Gathering information about them is one step required in achieving the tree protections our neighborhoods need.


Inventories can:

  • Provide a current record of trees being managed and their value. 
    A tree inventory will provide valuable information on the needs and condition of our tree canopy. Once an inventory is complete, software can put a dollar value on the trees and the services they provide, using formulas that have been developed and tested by respected scientists.

  • Gather public support for our county’s trees.
    We are hoping this information will help unify our community to improve and invest in its trees, and provide information the county can use to make decisions for managing and protecting our trees.

  • Assist in deciding on maintaining community owned trees.
    An inventory can provide locations of trees that require irrigation, pruning or removal, and identify available planting sites. An inventory can help our community quickly locate trees under threat by an outbreak of pests or diseases, or provide information so we can plan for damage from storms.

  • Provide long-term assessment and monitoring of the tree population. 
    With this information, the tree protections committee we hope to convince our county to create will be able to plan, prioritize, and budget tree removals, maintenance work, and plantings. They can also determine the value of our county's trees for stormwater management and other benefits. That will help demonstrate a tree program's importance to community leaders. An inventory will also improve the chances of receiving grants and other assistance by documenting the condition of and care for the urban forest.

What will a Treekeepers WC tree inventory involve?


Treekeepers has begun to inventory street trees in urban unincorporated Washington County. Street trees are trees growing in the public right-of-way, usually between the sidewalk and the curb, in boulevard medians, and along streets without sidewalks and curbs.


A volunteer force to gather information

Treekeepers is training volunteers to gather data on sections of our urban forest’s street trees. Teams collect on the ground data about the trees’ location, species, measurements, condition, and other information. 

Does that sound interesting to you?


Contact us, and let’s get to work inventorying neighborhood trees!