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An arboretum (plural arboreta) is a collection of trees, often with a theme or pattern.  A pop-up arboretum showcases some special trees during a temporary installation of interactive and informative signs.

Do you love learning about trees in parks? We are working with Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation (THPRD) to gain permission to create our first pop-up arboretum. We would love your help! If you're interested in setting one up, check back in with us in the future!

Pop-up Arboreta

Here are some existing arboretum programs in the region...

City of Portland
Share your favorite tree finds with neighbors and friends by getting a Pop-up Arboretum installed! If you have an idea for a great location, let us know. We'll be happy to help get permissions, provide the tags, and assist with maps and getting the word out. City of Portland Urban Forestry maintains a pop-up Arboreta program. 

City of Vancouver
If you are a creative thinker who loves trees, you may enjoy creating ways to involve the community.  For example, you could write a story narrative about a local park, design a coloring book of the trees you see, or construct a scavenger hunt of things families might spot.

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