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Make Your Voice Heard

In Urban Unincorporated Washington County, we are not under the jurisdiction of any city government. Our County Board of Commissioners and other entities under their jurisdiction such as Land Use & Transportation (LUT) and Clean Water Services (CWS) have legal authority over our trees. Policy change will not come about without persuasion.

Speak out for trees

Testify for trees

Standing up before decision makers to state your views can be powerful. Testify to our Board of Commissioners and others who have jurisdiction over our trees. Of course right now “standing up” is virtual, often only by phone, but speaking out for the record may be heard by many. Your views may reach other listeners as well.

Click here for instructions for testifying and talking points.

Contact us for more information or for help with building your confidence.

Write a letter

Writing a letter leaves a lasting impressing that can easily be reread or passed on to others. Written testimony carries weight. You may choose to write to our County Board of Commissioners and other entities under their jurisdiction such as Land Use & Transportation (LUT) and Clean Water Services (CWS). Or you may choose to write a letter to a newspaper or to a neighborhood association.

Image by Romain Dancre

Our petition urges the Board of Commissioners to act now to:

  • Develop a tree management plan and associated policy 

  • Establish a tree board to determine best practices to improve the health of the urban forest. 

  • Promptly hire an urban forester for the county. 

  • Work with Clean Water Services, Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District and urban municipalities to  protect our existing trees.

Sign our petition

Washington County residents have been asking for tree protections for many years but significant actions to  save our rapidly disappearing trees have not been taken. This petition emphasizes our strong interest in saving what is left of our urban forest as soon as possible.



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