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Tree Mapping

CPO1 development

Development Mapping

Virginia Bruce has been working on an interactive Google Map to track developments in CPO1 (Community Participation Organization1). The map shows development status from the initial neighborhood meeting through to approval.  More help would be welcome to update it, and we would like to see this project expanded to other areas in Washington County. 

Tree canopy map

Tree Canopy Mapping

Tree canopy maps provide information on the presence or absence of trees in Washington County. This data allows us to know how close we are to meeting tree canopy goals, and to help make decisions about where additional trees are needed. 

Washington County Map_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Tree Loss Mapping

With your help, we will be compiling a composite picture of the total number of trees removed in urban unincorporated Washington County to give a visual accounting.  Please submit any information and photos you have to our webmaster:

tree equity map.PNG

Tree Equity Score

Recently American Forests launched its Tree Equity Score project which, health and census data, was able to create TES for several Oregon cities.

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