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Tree Care

Father and Daughter Planting Tree

Learn proper tree care, the right way to plant a tree, how to keep trees healthy, and more.

Emerald ash borer information

Emerald ash borers have made their way to Oregon and are expected to devastate our ash trees. Find out what to look for .

As our summers get hotter and drier, it is even more important to make sure our trees can survive without stress. 

The best street tree is one that fits well in the available space, or "right tree, right place." These trees have been selected to create a strong, healthy urban forest, and to fit within our street tree planting spaces. 


Some trees are invasive, threatening the health of native habitats and humans, and adding to costs for public and private landowners. 

You can take preventative measures that will help your trees grow stronger and more resistant to storm damage. 

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