Neighbors for
Wetland Preservation

(an Oregon non-profit)


Portland Golf Club in unincorporated Washington County has announced plans to dredge their irrigation pond and store the dredge tailings in 500 eco bags on top of a wetland at the southern border of their property.  The land will need to be cleared and levelled before they do this.  Will they cut down these beautiful old Doug Firs?  We have asked, project planners have not provided clear answers.   For more information or to stay updated, contact

Portland Golf Club (PGC) plans to dump 5500 cubic yards of sludge 

(from their irrigation pond) alongside the trail 

between SW 81st & SW 84th in the Garden Home neighborhood.

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 7.17.21 PM.png

What we do know:

  • It will be loud

  • It will smell

  • They will destroy the existing wetland

  • It will mean loss of habitat for animals living there

  • It will be ugly (500+ TRUCKLOADS of dredge spoils stored in bags along path)


What we don’t know:

  • Will the path be out of commission during the project?

  • Does the sludge contain toxic materials?

  • Will they cut down all of these trees?

  • Will the sludge eventually flow into and contaminate Fanno Creek?

  • Will trucks damage the sewer lines which are under the Fanno Creek Trail?

THEY PLAN TO clear & level the south end of their property          pump water & dredge from their pond to the area          large trucks back & forth

along SW 82nd Ave/across the path        use a pump to separate water

from dredge spoils  pump water back to their lake          STORE sediment/dredge in more than 500 bags alongside Fanno Creek Trail          destroy a wetland

(and habitat) by filling it with dredge spoils

If you are concerned and wish to know more, please contact:

What you can do to help

  1. Testify:  The PGC will need to file applications with both the County and the State.  When this has been done and the applications are *approved*  there will be a public comment period. It is extremely important that everyone affected voices their opinion and opposition to the project.

  2. Donate: We have formed a non-profit called Neighbors for Wetland Preservation.  We are awaiting our IRS 501(c)(3) status which will allow us to fundraise and use money to make our voices heard.

  3. Post on social media: Please talk to your neighbors who live around you!  Send us an email to be on our distribution list.

  4. Spread the word: If you are willing to hand out fliers in the neighborhood to educate folks about the project, email us.