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The OLD Mighty Oak

by Marietta Matto

Many years ago, when our three boys were allowed to climb into the yoke of this wonderful old oak tree, the older ones would help hoist the younger so all could have a good vantage point above the street. When our youngest was about five, he came into the house with a very bright smile. I asked what was “up” and he replied that he had finally gotten into that tree all by himself. This oak not only gave our sons a sense of accomplishment but also stands majestically close to our street. During the summer it shades both of our yards. The fall brings those leaves (oh, so many) down. They keep the winter from damaging the plants under it. When spring arrives, those leaves give plenty of exercise to those of us who love it so. Even though this lovely tree really belongs to our neighbors, we have benefitted greatly by living so close to it. We thank them for the years of good stewardship for the old, mighty oak tree.

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