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How a Washington County Urban Forestry Program Can Save Our Trees

Scott Altenhoff, Oregon Department of Forestry's Urban and Community Forestry Assistance Program Manager explores some of the major urban forestry issues facing Washington County, with a focus on recommended best practices for urban forest planning, assessment and management, disaster prevention, response, and recovery.

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Insect Pests That Bug Our Trees

Christine Buhl, ODF state entomologist

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Trees for Cooler Schools

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There is a need for increased tree canopy throughout the county. This discussion focuses on how publicly owned school grounds are a perfect place to start. Research has shown the physical and mental health benefits trees provide our communities and offers an educational opportunity for students to learn about the life cycle and care of trees. Learn about the recent developments in this new field of research.

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Trees for Cooler Schools: Implementation


Join our next webinar to discuss and plan how to get started on a pilot green schoolyards program in Washington County, including: partners, site selection, architectural design, permitting, tree selection, grant funding, etc.

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