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Treekeepers of Washington County

Need your voices to
Protect Cooper Mountain Trees - 
and Significant Natural Resources

July 19 - City Council work session

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Our Mission

Our mission is to expand the knowledge of local residents about how to best enjoy and protect trees.
We want to engage with local communities and together advocate to protect our mature trees. Join us in this effort to influence our county leadership and elected officials to enact vital legal protections for trees.

Why Protect Existing Trees?

In many parts of urban unincorporated Washington County, large trees and groves are being removed to enable development. An adequate urban forest canopy provides significant benefits such as cooling our temperatures, absorbing pollution, soaking up rain that causes flooding, and other benefits. 

Our goal is to show that trees and housing developments CAN and should coexist, and there are already examples around us. Join our movement to protect trees!